I Don’t Like Spiders!

My name is Caleb Tanner. If you would like to write for this site contact monsterblood33@gmail.com

I don’t like spiders. I don’t know why anyone would. When I was in second grade I remember someone with a pet Black Widow that let the spider crawl all over them. I bet you a thousand dollars they are dead today.

The worst spiders are tarantulas. Spiders are scary enough; why should they be bigger? I don’t like them at all.


The Best Superpowers To Have

I would love to have a super power. Here is a list of powers I would like.

Flying- flying would be so much fun. Unless the government shoots me down.

Teleporting- I would love this one. I would never be late again.

Superspeed- Being able to run extremely fast would be awesome.

Super strength- this would be fun. Wouldn’t lose any arm wrestling matches.

X ray vision- this would be amazing.

Time travel- this would be my #1 most desired power.

Let me know what yours is in the comments, and if you would like to write for this blog contact monsterblood33@gmail.com

Zootopia Conspiracy Theory

This is a conspiracy theory I came up with on why there is no humans in Zootopia. In zootopia they frequently mention how predators and prey have evolved to coexist with each other.

This leads me to believe they rebelled against the humans. Think about it, they were starting to comprehend everything and were becoming intelligent. They were realizing what was happening to them.

They rebelled and killed every single human, and they started an animal society.

Zomey Introduction

My name is Caleb Tanner. I just created this website, so I can talk about the world. This is my first post so I want to talk about my plans with Zomey.

Zomey is a site that will do everything. On here you will fine reviews, reactions, information etc. This website is just beginning, and if you have any interest in writing for this website contact monsterblood33@gmail.com

Articles will begin coming out very soon. In fact, I will begin making some today. Follow this blog, so that we can watch what happens to Zomey together.