I Started A YouTube Channel

I will be posting AT LEAST one video a week. The channel is called Zomey Tv. There is already 2 videos on it that I have posted months ago.

My first video will be out very soon, and I encourage you all to subscribe to my channel.

My Channel Is Here


I Turned Sixteen Yesterday

Yes, yesterday was my birthday. The day of my birth was yesterday. I don’t feel any different. Like, I’m still the same person I was when I was sixteen.

I realized that sixteen years of my life is over. My life span is sixteen years shoulder. I am sixteen years closer to dying. That kinda bothers me.

I get my license though. Like, I’m excited about that.

So I Got A Job

That’s right. I am working now. My unemployed streak is over. I started working for my dad’s construction company, and for my first day I had to build a pier. So me and like four guys are in the water building this pier.

It’s going good, but then I start thinking of snakes. Like, no one wants to get killed by a snake. I kept remember what my biology teacher said, “Sea snakes are some of the most poisonous snakes.” That is hard to think about in a lake you’ve never been in before.

And I thought about them ALL day. Like, someone would say, “Pass me the screws Caleb.”, and I would say, “What did you say about sea snakes!”

Why do sea snakes exist anyway? Were they not scary enough on land?

I Hate Having To Have Job

In five days I will be sixteen. I get my license which is great, but I also have to get a job. I have a really nice unemployed thing going for me, and it would be a shame to end.

Now, I’m not being forced to get one or anything, but everyone I know I getting one now. I hate working. I just want to own a website and get word ads (I’m not there yet, but I will be).

The thing is, where do I work? Like, if I work at a food place, I will eat all their food. Like, that is unavoidable. I will eat every french fry that gets cooked, or maybe I will never eat again once I know how they really cook there food.

I could be a cashier, but then I would literally have to count money. I like money, but I don’t like counting all the pennies and nickels and stuff. Also, some people in lines will make me mad.

I could also get a job in construction. That is probably what I’ll end up doing.

Readers, hurry up and get my website famous, so I don’t have to get a job, thank you.

I Just Killed A Moth

I was trying to take a shower, but a moth was in there. I did the only reasonable thing and turned the water on. The moth went down the drain. I had my reasons.

#1 I can’t take a shower with a moth in my shower. It might fly into my mouth.

#2 I didn’t think it would die. I thought it might be able to hold its breath long enough.

#3 It probably would have killed me if the situation was reversed.

#4 it was my shower before it was his.

#5 I did what I thought was right.

#6 I thought it would find more friends in the sewer.

Being Spider-Man Would Suck!

It would. Like, it would majorly suck. Now, I like Spider-Man, but that doesn’t mean I would want to be him. Here are my reasons why.

Webs. You rather have to build your own web shooters, or the webs will come out of you. Who wants webs shooting out of your body? That would feel so awkward, and you would have to go through that whole where do I put my fingers thing Spider-Man went through.

The web shooters wouldn’t be bad, but who here knows how to build web shooters? Unless the spider is carrying a detailed instruction manuel called How To Build Web Shooters, no one would be able to have webs. There isn’t a wikihow page for this!

Of course, you would still be able to crawl on walls and have amazing reflects, so I guess it would be that bad. I’m just saying, if you want to swing from building to building, don’t get bit by a spider.

So School Is Ending

Now I hate school as much as the next person. I really do, but for some reason everytime it ends I get bored out of my mind.

There is literally nothing to do when it ends. Last year when school ended I watched 3 seasons of supernatural in like 3 days. Now I’m not saying school is ever missed. I don’t ever miss it, but at least I get something to do and complain about.

Like, it’s fun hanging out with my friends and stuff, but eventually, I want to brutally murder all of them.

Anyone happy summer vacation.