Is YouTuber Matthew Santoro’s career over

Matthew Santoro has been under a lot of hate lately. A YouTuber named gradeaundera released a video where he accused Matthew of plagiarism. At first, I didn’t believe it. I like Matthew; I enjoy his videos. But the evidence is strong.

GradeA showed a post by listverse, and he said that five days later Matthew posted a video with all ten of lisvers’s posts in order. The evidence doesn’t stop there, Matthew also stole the SENTENCES that listverse had. GradeA showed a video of Matthew talking and listverse’s words, and Matthew was basically reading off of that.

I like Matthew, but he’s got some explaining to do. GradeA is a snitch though. Like, he’s known this all this time, but he hasn’t said anything until Matthew made a video saying YouTube is changing. GradeA is like, “I don’t like this video, so I am going to ruin his life.”

I do not think Matthew Santoro’s career is over. He has millions of fans that will stick by him.

What is your opinion on this.


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