I Read To Many Horror Stories

I do. I always read them at night, and then when I’m lying in bed not able to sleep, I’m like, “I’m never doing this again!” Then the next night I’m like, “I should read some more.”

The only problem is your eyes start hurting after awhile, or at least, mine do. So I’ve been listening to people read me stories. That’s when you know you might be lazy. Like, you can’t even read srories. Someone has to read them for you.

The only problem is time.  If I read a story it might take me ten minutes, but I don’t know that going in. If I watch a video, I know how long it will take. Some videos are like 40 minutes long. That’s a whole episode of the Flash!

I don’t really know why I even like reading them though. I rather get scared out of my mind or severely dissapointing. Like, it is horrible having to watch a 40 minute video, and at the end you realize the story was horrible.


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