So I Just Got Back From The Beach

I love the beach. I hate sharks. Well, I have a love, hate relationship with sharks. Sure, they might try to eat me, but they are also awesome. Like, they never stop moving and they eat everything.

I also worry about EVERYTHING else in the ocean. Like, everything can kill you. Even the regular fish can bite. I’ve been bitten by a fish before. It didn’t hurt, but the fish literally started following me around. Do you know how annoying it is having a fish follow you!?

Jellyfish stings hurt. We all know that. You know what else hurts? Crabs. I accidentally stepped on one once, and the crab totally over reacted. It pinched my foot. Who pinches someone’s foot? Like if a crab were to step on me, I probably would pinch it to.

This stuff just happens I guess.


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