Being Spider-Man Would Suck!

It would. Like, it would majorly suck. Now, I like Spider-Man, but that doesn’t mean I would want to be him. Here are my reasons why.

Webs. You rather have to build your own web shooters, or the webs will come out of you. Who wants webs shooting out of your body? That would feel so awkward, and you would have to go through that whole where do I put my fingers thing Spider-Man went through.

The web shooters wouldn’t be bad, but who here knows how to build web shooters? Unless the spider is carrying a detailed instruction manuel called How To Build Web Shooters, no one would be able to have webs. There isn’t a wikihow page for this!

Of course, you would still be able to crawl on walls and have amazing reflects, so I guess it would be that bad. I’m just saying, if you want to swing from building to building, don’t get bit by a spider.


2 thoughts on “Being Spider-Man Would Suck!

  1. I kind of feel that being most of the super heroes would suck if that was your everyday reality. But Spiderman is definitely on the creepy side, mostly because I hate spiders.


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