I Hate Having To Have Job

In five days I will be sixteen. I get my license which is great, but I also have to get a job. I have a really nice unemployed thing going for me, and it would be a shame to end.

Now, I’m not being forced to get one or anything, but everyone I know I getting one now. I hate working. I just want to own a website and get word ads (I’m not there yet, but I will be).

The thing is, where do I work? Like, if I work at a food place, I will eat all their food. Like, that is unavoidable. I will eat every french fry that gets cooked, or maybe I will never eat again once I know how they really cook there food.

I could be a cashier, but then I would literally have to count money. I like money, but I don’t like counting all the pennies and nickels and stuff. Also, some people in lines will make me mad.

I could also get a job in construction. That is probably what I’ll end up doing.

Readers, hurry up and get my website famous, so I don’t have to get a job, thank you.


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