I’m Making An Animated Movie

​After my last post, I realized that I would really like to make more projects with the Blue Mask character. I originally decided to do a show with Blue Mask before he was on Kasmotic. I began producing the show when I realized I’d rather make a Blue Mask movie. Maybe even Blue Mask movies.
I don’t know when to expect it to come out, but it will be on my YouTube Channel. I am very excited about this movie, and there are a lot of new characters and actually one season 2 Kasmotic character that will be in it. 


Captain America: Civil War Review

I watched the movie yesterday with some friends of mine, and I really enjoyed it. It was a great movie. (Although I personally believe Iron Man should have dominated Cap.)

The movie had a great plot. It also had great characters. The fighting scenes though! They were literally perfect. Like, I loved every single fight. They were amazing.

Spider-Man kinda disappointed me. I don’t understand the hype he is getting. I liked his lines and his scenes, but I think they made him too young. Like, I know he’s supposed to be young but not that young.

Was it better than Batman v Superman? That is a hard one to answer. I loved both movies! They were both excellent.


Slender man Movie Script Leaked

A Slender Man movie script has been leaked. Fortunately Zomey got a hold of it. Here it is.

Setting: Slender man has just been charged with stalking and murdering hundreds of kids.

Prosecuter: Is it true that you have murdered hundreds of kids?

Slenderman: Yes, that is correct.

Prosecuter: Why?

Slenderman: it’s my job. I honestly don’t get why your trying to get me locked up. I don’t go to your job and criticize you.

Prosecuter: Yes, but I don’t murder people.

Slenderman: I don’t see what that has to do with anything

Prosecuter: Killing people is wrong.

Slenderman: Your face is wrong.

Prosecuter- is it true that you have no eyes but yet you see?

Slenderman: is it true that you have no mouth but yet you talk?

Prosecuter: You’re going to jail Slenderman. You better cooperate.

Slenderman: I can teleport. You can’t lock me up.

That is all that leaked. The movie looks good right?

Captain America Civil War

I haven’t seen it yet. I know it’s out, but I haven’t seen it. I’m writing a post about it anyways though.

I’m on Ironman’s side. Ironman is a billionaire with a suit that shoots lazers. Captain America has a shield. What’s he gonna do throw a shield at Ironman?

Also, Spider-Man is on Ironman’s team. Spider-Man is my second favorite superhero (The Flash is my favorite, but we are talking about a Marvel movie so mentioning the Flash wouldn’t be appropriate). Spider-Man could be on anyone’s team and I would pull for them.

I think this movie will be great.

What are your thoughts?

Batman V Superman (I had to mention it. I couldn’t help it. I liked BvS, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy Civil War also)