The Funniest Joke In The Entire World

I found the funniest joke in the world. Here it is: 

Dave was bragging to his boss one day, “You know, I know everyone there is to know. Just name someone, anyone, and I know them.”
Tired of his boasting, his boss called his bluff, “OK, Dave, how about Tom Cruise?”
“No dramas boss, Tom and I are old friends, and I can prove it.” So Dave and his boss fly out to Hollywood and knock on Tom Cruise’s door, and Tom Cruise shouts,
“Dave! What’s happening? Great to see you! Come on in for a beer!”
Although impressed, Dave’s boss is still skeptical. After they leave Cruise’s house, he tells Dave that he thinks him knowing Cruise was just lucky.
“No, no, just name anyone else,” Dave says.
“President Obama,” his boss quickly retorts.
“Yup,” Dave says, “Old buddies, let’s fly out to Washington,” and off they go.
At the White House, Obama spots Dave on the tour and motions him and his boss over, saying, “Dave, what a surprise, I was just on my way to a meeting, but you and your friend come on in and let’s have a beer first and catch up.”
Well, the boss is very shaken by now but still not totally convinced. After they leave the White House grounds he expresses his doubts to Dave, who again implores him to name anyone else.
“Pope Francis,” his boss replies.
“Sure!” says Dave. “I’ve known the Pope for years.” So off they fly to Rome.
Dave and his boss are assembled with the masses at the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square when Dave says, “This will never work. I can’t catch the Pope’s eye among all these people. Tell you what, I know all the guards so let me just go upstairs and I’ll come out on the balcony with the Pope.” He disappears into the crowd headed towards the Vatican.
Sure enough, half an hour later Dave emerges with the Pope on the balcony, but by the time Dave returns, he finds that his boss has had a heart attack and is surrounded by paramedics.
Making his way to his boss’ side, Dave asks him, “What happened?”
His boss looks up and says, “It was the final straw… you and the Pope came out on to the balcony and the man next to me said, ‘Who  is that on the balcony with Dave?’


Why Kasmotic  (my YouTube show) Has Been Cancelled

​Unfortunately, Kasmotic has been cancelled. Now, I didn’t want Kasmotic to be cancelled, but unfortunately, it’s been cancelled. It wasn’t because of ratings or space or anything like that, but it was because of the animation app.
I used draw cartoons to make my animation, but draw cartoons has taken a lot of animated characters off of it. In Kasmotic there are a few animated characters that appear frequently in the show.
Blue Mask 

Barack Obama- Taken Off

Justin Bieber- Taken Off

Kim Kardashian- Taken Off 
Only Blue Mask remains on the app. Unfortunately this causes a lot of problems for my YouTube future. Not only can I make Kasmotic, but my spin-off show Obama cannot be produced and my Kasmotic Movie plan has been cancelled.
I might make a Blue Mask spin-off or maybe a Blue Mask movie, but I’m not completely sure.
Kasmotic did last a little more than a season before this happened. The first episode is here.

Justin Bieber Got Into A Fist Fight And Lost

Justin Bieber got into a Fist Fight with some guy because he asked for an autograph and a picture. Justin said no, and the other guy was like, what do you mean.

It was too late to say sorry. They started fighting and the other guy took Justin down very easily. Which makes sense considering the other guy made Bigfoot look small.

You can watch the video here.

Harambe The Gorilla’s Death

I made a video on my YouTube video about this, and it currently has 600 views. That led me to believe that people want to here about this.

What happened to the gorilla wasn’t cool. Like, the gorilla shouldn’t of had to die. However, when you have a Gorilla’s life against a human’s I will choose the human’s every time.

The thing is, people shouldn’t be able to GET into the Gorilla’s cage. Like, if a four year old boy was able to get in a cage all by himself, then the zoo needs to build a wall or something. Trump apparently should design zoo cages or something.

This just bothers me.

Is YouTuber Matthew Santoro’s career over

Matthew Santoro has been under a lot of hate lately. A YouTuber named gradeaundera released a video where he accused Matthew of plagiarism. At first, I didn’t believe it. I like Matthew; I enjoy his videos. But the evidence is strong.

GradeA showed a post by listverse, and he said that five days later Matthew posted a video with all ten of lisvers’s posts in order. The evidence doesn’t stop there, Matthew also stole the SENTENCES that listverse had. GradeA showed a video of Matthew talking and listverse’s words, and Matthew was basically reading off of that.

I like Matthew, but he’s got some explaining to do. GradeA is a snitch though. Like, he’s known this all this time, but he hasn’t said anything until Matthew made a video saying YouTube is changing. GradeA is like, “I don’t like this video, so I am going to ruin his life.”

I do not think Matthew Santoro’s career is over. He has millions of fans that will stick by him.

What is your opinion on this.

The Best Superpowers To Have

I would love to have a super power. Here is a list of powers I would like.

Flying- flying would be so much fun. Unless the government shoots me down.

Teleporting- I would love this one. I would never be late again.

Superspeed- Being able to run extremely fast would be awesome.

Super strength- this would be fun. Wouldn’t lose any arm wrestling matches.

X ray vision- this would be amazing.

Time travel- this would be my #1 most desired power.

Let me know what yours is in the comments, and if you would like to write for this blog contact