What Disney Princess Am I?

I keep taking buzzfeed quizzes. Like, I cannot stop. They are just too much fun.

I just took a quiz called What Disney Princess Am I Based On Movie Choices. I know Imma guy, but I need to know this.

I took the quiz and I got Snow White. I don’t really know what I expected to get, but it definitely wasn’t Snow White. It’s not that I hate Snow or anything, but who names someone Snow? Like, is that an actual name? Do people get named that?

Naming a child Snow White is like naming a child Rain Blue. Wouldn’t you hate to be named Rain Blue? I don’t know. Maybe some people would be able to pull it off, but I know most people wouldn’t like to be named Rain.

Anyway take the quiz for yourself here.



What Food Am I?

So I took the Buzzfeed what food am I quiz, and apparently, I’m an ice cream cone. I don’t know why. I don’t know what about me says, “your an ice cream cone.” Like, how many of us are ice cream in this world? Am I all alone in a world filled with different foods?

I thought I was gonna get a hot dog. I don’t particularly like hot dogs that much, but I just had a feeling I would be one. You know how you just know you’re a certain food?

I encourage you to all take this quiz and to let me know what food you really are.